About the Author

William Himango is a retired neurosurgeon who has traveled extensively. His love for the rain forest helped set the scene for this novel. He also believes there is more truth in fiction than in nonfiction.

Himango’s travels have allowed him to meet people of many lands. He saw them as different; he was different. He has seen the good and the bad. And with that, it became clear to him that each of us wears the shroud of bias and prejudice. Hence, the characters of this story. None are perfect. They are all of us.

Advance Praise for Provenance: 

“William Himango is a writer’s writer reminiscent of William Styron. Himango chooses each and every word with the precision of a neurosurgeon—his profession and lifelong vocation. With Provenance, he has sculpted a wonderful novel that takes us on an adventure from Minnesota to Boston to the steamy and dangerous Amazon River in Brazil. Come along for the journey—and travel lightly.”

—Tommy Murray, author,
Fathers, Sons, and the Holy Ghosts of Baseball

What Our Readers Have Said

  • "This book is outstanding! Set in Northern Minnesota and moving through to the jungles of Brazil, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Exceptional descriptive beauty with intrigue as one follows Dr. Noah Garrett, a neurosurgeon, along a path of revenge that is captivating. In his first novel, The author, a retired, well known neurosurgeon in his own right, is able to carry the reader through to a super ending. You won't be able to put it down."
  • "Provenance combines intellectual depth, wisdom and a compelling story about two indivuduals finding common ground. Twist of fate brings togehter Noah from the Iron Mines of northern Minnesota and Savell from the Rain Forests of Brazil. Provenance merges two cultures and unravels prejudice, deceit, love and naivete' to find common humanity. A beautiful story about changing perception and growing beyond cultural prejudice. Excellent novel by first time author William HImango."
  • "Character development and plot were riveting. I eagerly read the book in just two sittings. The striking transformations of Noah's character were portrayed with thought-provoking feeling and depth. The author's command of words is impressive. Clearly, he put a lot of energy and thought into their choice. I enthusiastically recommend this masterpiece."
  • "Understanding that the author is a neurosurgeon I expected a very precise writing and the same with word choice. What I didn't expect was the eloquence and flow of a professional author. I became so enthralled in the characters and the plot that I started reading in the morning and finished the same night. What a wonderful book by a wonderful author. Well done Doctor Himango!"
  • "This book is a page-turner. The story was clearly crafted with great care and an appreciation for words and their utility as tools of very intentional communication. It is also a study of the human condition from the author's perspective and with a powerful message of connection, common ground and understanding if only people let love lead and kindness control their actions. Visually stunning storytelling!"